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Activities to do in the US for your winter vacations

America has been listed as one of the best destinations thanks to its impressive sceneries. Coming to this nation in spring, you will be surprised by thousands of flowers blooming and showing their attractive colors. In summer, the weather gets a little bit warm with yellow sunshine. Visiting the US in autumn, you will fall in love with red foliage that covers long ranges of mountains. Especially, in winter, the whole country looks like wearing a huge white coat in the cold weather. If you are going on holiday in America at this time, do not miss the following activities to do in the US for your winter vacations!


Every year when it starts getting colder, there is snow falling in some areas of America. Depending on the geographical location, each place will welcome winter sooner or a little later than other sites. Going out on the streets, it is not difficult to see people of all ages enjoy their favorite seasons by building snowmen or throwing snowballs. On top of that, skiing is also a popular thing to do in such chilly weather. 

There are lots of wonderful sites for you to do skiing. Among those, Park City Mountain Resort may be the favorite of most visitors. Owning a wide area, this resort provides skiers a big space to show their skills or to learn how to ski. At the end of 2015, Park City Mountain Resort united with Canyons Ski Resort to become the largest skiing area in Utah.

Park City Mountain

Another nice place for travelers to ski is Alta. In the past, this used to be a school lying at the end of Little Cottonwood Valley. With a thick layer of snow of about 500 inches, this resort is suitable for both beginners and professional skiers. Hence, it is understandable why this valley attracts hundreds of tourists coming at the end of the year.

Skiing lovers cannot miss spending their winter in Colorado. Being well-known for the mountainous terrain, this area is one of the best choices for those who would like to challenge themselves at a high height. You can easily find your favorite ski resort here since it provides you a lot of you many options at different prices. Also, there are coffee shops and restaurants nearby for you to enjoy a meal after doing fun activities with snow.

Dog sledding

If you do not like to ski, you can try dog sledding when coming to the US. Of all the places for this activity, Alaska is considered the best site with a vast area of more than 570,000 square miles. Here, a famous dog sledding race called Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race occurs annually in March from Anchorage to Nome. The competition attracts plenty of visitors to participate. 

Wintergreen Dogsled Lodge in Ely a wonderful address for you with a wide space. In case you are scared due to the first time, this is an appropriate choice as there are not many trees in the playground. The well-trained dogs will make your day with good experience. 

Dog sledding in Ely

The weather is cold in this season but it still has light sunshine sometimes. After going around the area on the sleds, you can have a hot drink and a tasty meal in the nice homestays. If it is a bit chilly, you can warm yourself with the heater available in the room.

Should you go on winter vacation in Colorado, you cannot fail to try dogsledding in Mountain Musher Dog Sled Rides. This place is made safe for you because there is no skiing and snowmobiling allowed. Your sleds will be ridden by dozens of dogs that lead you along the trails full of white snow.

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Ice fishing

Not only can you go fishing in summer, spring, autumn but you can also do it in winter on the ice. In America, this is one of the top common things that people love to do when the chilly season comes.

Regarding the good ice fishing lakes, Michigan has been a familiar one for both locals and tourists to fish. Connecting many states together, namely Michigan, Wisconsin, Indiana, and Illinois, it is not surprising to see citizens of those places gathering here in winter for this activity. 

Ice fishing in michigan

Devil’s Lake in North Dakota is also crowded with people when it freezes. Owning numerous kinds of fish that are good for health, this lake is a site that you should add to your schedule.

In Devil’s Lake, you can catch perch, pike, and walleye. However, you do not have the right to enter it without a license. Therefore, make sure you get one before showing up here.

Ice climbing

If you want to try something new, ice climbing is a good suggestion for you. This activity is only for those who want to challenge themselves because not everyone can stand the height. Additionally, for safety reasons, you should be well-prepared with all the necessary equipment that supports you during the climb. 

One of the top nice summits for ice climbing is Bird Brain Boulevard. With more than 200 routes, this is a suitable site for not only beginners but also professional climbers. If you choose Bird Brain Boulevard for a try, you will enjoy your time with up to 1,000-feet mountain peaks. The moments that you are on your way to the summit are something you will always remember. 

Bird Brain Boulevard

Crawford Notch is another address that you can try ice climbing. Especially, Frankenstein cliff is a popular place where people of all ages and levels pick for their climbs. The area owns not very high summits, which is much less dangerous for those who have just taken up this activity for the first time in their lives. 

America is really beautiful in winter with a huge white coat of snow, along with it is the cold weather that makes you feel comfortable to warm your hands with orange flames. On top of that, it is also a wonderful destination if you would like to do fun activities with snow. 

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