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All things about the US

If you are a nature lover, America would be a destination you should visit at least one time. On entering here, you will find out that there are a lot of interesting things about this country that you have never known before. Additionally, you will have a chance to visit some famous heritage of the world such as the Statue of Liberty, the Independence Hall or enjoy your time in national parks. Should you want to know more about this large country, let’s keep reading the following lines for all things about the US!

General information

  • Official name: The United States of America
  • Total area:
  • Population: 310.691.000

Ethnic groups: 

  • Caucasians: 81,7%
  • Negroes: 12,9%
  • Asians: 4,2%
  • Indians: 1%
  • Others: 0.2%

Currency: United States dollar (USD)

Capital: Washington D.C

America is one of the largest nations in the world with a long history. In the beginning, it was formed with the first 13 states that fought for freedom from their enemies. Since then, the country has developed its economy, politics as well as other aspects to become one of the world’s most powerful countries. On top of that, the territory is also widened with 53 states in total at the moment.  

Washington DC

Geographical location

The United States of America consists of three main parts:

  • The biggest one includes 48 states lying amid the North American continent.
  • The second one is Alaska situated in the Northwest of the North American continent.
  • The last one is the Hawaii islands surrounded by the Pacific Ocean. This area is about 3.900km away from San Francisco.


The climate in America changes from one region to another. In detail, it is divided into seven kinds as follows:

The climate in Southeast America

  • Regions included: Alabama, Georgia, Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina and Tennessee.
  • The weather is cool in winter. It is usually raining and the average temperature falls to 10°C. Sometimes there is snow. 
  • In summer, the average temperature rises by 32°C. Hence, it is very hot and wet in the area.

The climate in Southern America

  • Regions included: Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Oklahoma and Texas.
  • In winter, the weather is cool at night. Especially, it is much more comfortable in the places near Mexico bay. This region has the same average temperature as Southeast America except for Oklahoma with 4°C.
  • In summer, it usually rains in the afternoon. There are also storms and strong winds in Texas and Oklahoma.
  • Mississippi

The climate in Southwest America

  • Regions included: Arizona, California, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico and Utah.
  • Deserts and mountains are the two main parts of Southwest America. Hence, the climate is totally different between those areas. In deserts, it is hot all year round while it is very cold in the mountains.

The climate in Northeast America

  • It is very hot and wet in summer. There are thunders at night.
  • In autumn, the weather is nicer. This is also the time for various kinds of flowers to bloom and show their attractive colors.

The climate in Northwest America

  • Regions included: Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Washington and Wyoming.
  • In winter, it is cool on the beaches but very dry on the mainland. Especially, in the mountains, there is a lot of snow and thus the temperature is much lower than in other areas.


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The climate in high moutainous terrains

  • Regions included: Kansas, Minnesota, Nebraska, North Dakota and South Dakota.
  • The weather is very cold here and there is a lot of snow falling. It is less dry in the South.
  • In summer, it is hot and sometimes there are thunders. The region has to face big storms during this period of time. 

The climate in America’s midland

  • Regions included: Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Michigan, Missouri, Ohio and Wisconsin.
  • In winter, it is super cold here. There is humid air and thick snow in Chicago and Madison. 
  • In summer, the weather is hot due to high humidity. Thunders and storms occur frequently in this area. 

Language and culture

America is a nation where there are many different ethnic groups live. Hence, the cultures are also various here and most of them are derived from the traditions of immigrants from Western Europe, namely Dutch and English. 

The official language of America is English. Besides, people also speak Spanish, Chinese, French, etc.


America has been famous for numerous blockbusters. Especially, there is an area where plenty of famous movies are made called Hollywood, which is the reason why this country is also known as one of the world’s biggest centers of cinema. American movies are impressive with amazing action scenes, excellent actors and good techniques.

When talking about America, we cannot fail to mention its music. Up to now, there have been hundreds of hits going viral on YouTube and other kinds of media such as Tiktok and Facebook’s story.

american movies

Food and beverages

Chicken is the most favorite food in the US. According to some surveys, 17 million is the number of chicken cooked in a day to serve in restaurants and food courts. Of all the fast-food brands, McDonald’s is considered the most popular one here.

Different from Asian countries, people in the US prefer bread and jams for their breakfast. Along with that, coffee is a popular choice for them to start a new day.

US citizens also love to eat french fries, pizza, turkey, corn and potatoes. They usually have BBQs for parties or important events. Regarding the beverages, soft drinks are consumed with a high amount each year.

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Baseball is the national sport in the US. The highest level of baseball here is called Major League Baseball. Jackie Robinson, Alex Rodriguez, Babe Ruth, Aaron Judge are the names of baseball legends in this country.

Although football is not a professional sport in America, it is played everywhere by players of all ages. Recently, it has become a common game for students to play in the afternoon after school. Besides, tennis is also more and more popular for those who want to relax after a hard-working day.

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