Beautiful US in Fall

America has been one of the best destinations in the world thanks to its nice landscapes and numerous things for travelers to do. If you come to this country in spring, you will have a chance to watch various kinds of flowers blooming and showing their attractive colors. In winter when it gets chilly, you can ski on thick layers of white snow falling and build snowmen in the yard. Especially, if you have a deep love for autumn, America would be a nice place you cannot miss on the list. Let’s keep reading to know the beautiful US in fall!

San Francisco

Every year when autumn comes, San Francisco becomes a nice destination for tourists with comfortable weather. Different from winter when it is usually rainy and cold, San Francisco is warm and quite sunny in fall, which makes you love to go outside to feel the change in seasons.

Visiting San Francisco at this time of the year, you can enjoy your vacation with lots of activities. For example, you can cross the famous Golden Gate Bridge or stand on it and view the blue bay, blue sky, and green hills far away.

San Francisco in autumn

Lying in Northern San Francisco is a national park called Marin Headlands that you cannot fail to visit when turning up here. The park faces the blue water surface where you can wander along the coast or swim in. Furthermore, there is also wind with cool air that can help to lift up your mood. Therefore, it is not surprising that this site welcomes plenty of visitors during holiday seasons.

Vermont’s Green Mountains

If you love to see colorful hills covered by foliage, Vermont’s Green Mountains is a nice suggestion for you. Situated in New England, Vermont’s Green Mountains has been a hot destination thanks to the vast green space, fresh air and peaceful atmosphere. There are numerous ranges of mountains here that occupy approximately 75% of the total area, along with that are green forests which you will always remember once seeing.

If you do not want to climb those mountains, you can take a cable car to the peaks. There is nothing more interesting than contemplating the attractive scenery around while you are riding on this means of transport. The high mountains with plants of various colors on them, together with the endless blue sky, will let you know how great nature is.

Vermont's Green Mountains

Tennessee Smoky Mountains

Due to the geographical position, Tennessee Smoky Mountains welcomes autumn a little bit later than other places. However, you will be very surprised by the beauty of nature here. The best time to watch red foliage in Tennessee Smoky Mountains is between the beginning of October and the end of November. This national park spreads a vast area from Northern Carolina to Tennessee.

Being a national park, Tennessee Smoky Mountains is the home to 3.500 kinds of flora and many rare animals. You can take a tour along the nice roads by bike or car. Moreover, when spending your holidays here, you can also hear the sound of streams flowing between the rocks and feel the cool fog in the early morning.
Tennessee Smoky Mountains

Possessing lots of impressive landscapes, the Tennessee Smoky Mountains are full of visitors not only in autumn but also all year round. This lovely address is suitable for those who would love to enjoy their holidays with attractive nature.


Lying in Northern America is a small state named Vermont. This beautiful land shares the border with Canada and has been very famous for its impressive scenery. In fall, the whole region looks like a huge picture with the main color of yellow. For that reason, it is also known as “the capital of autumn”.

Different from Tennessee Smoky Mountains, Vermont welcomes autumn quite early. If you wish to see the leaves change their colors, you should come here in September when the foliage turns light yellow. After two or three weeks, they will get darker and start falling.


Visiting Vermont, you cannot miss driving on the Green Mountain Byway. Then, you can stop at the Sugarbush Resort or Mad River Glen take a break and get ready for the next route.


Lying next to Vermont is another state called Maine. Small as it is, this land still remains something traditional of English culture that you cannot find anywhere else. If autumn comes with yellow color in Vermont, Maine is dyed with red from roads, mountains to lakes. Once turning up here, you will find out that nature is really amazing and thus you cannot miss taking photos.


Since this is one of the best places to contemplate red foliage, you do not have to worry about where to stay as there are many hotels nearby. Especially, most of them are classic in style with the design of the 18th century.


The next destination you should add to the where-to-go list is Greenville. Located in Greenville County, South Carolina, United States, Greenville is a familiar place for local residents to relax and have fun in their free time. Recently, with plenty of nice photos posted online, it has been well-known among visitors from all over the world thanks to attractive landscapes and beautiful autumn.

When talking about Greenville, we cannot fail to mention the Falls Park on the Reedy because it is considered as the symbol of this land with a famous bridge called Liberty. Coming here at weekends, you can easily see that there are many people wandering along the river, talking to their mates and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere. This green space is not only an ideal place for local residents to release their stress but also a source that provides fresh air for the whole area.


In the fall time, standing on the Liberty bridge and watching the leaves change their colors is a nice thing to do. At the beginning of this season, the green space slowly turns red to welcome a new period of the year. Also, there are different activities for tourists to have fun here such as kayaking, canoeing, biking, climbing, etc.

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