US ESTA Visa for Azerbaijan

US ESTA Visa for Azerbaijan

If you are a tourist who falls in love with beautiful nature, America is a must-come destination you should add to your list. Entering here, you will have an opportunity to contemplate colorful foliages in fall, touch the snow in winter and so on. Recently,  Azerbaijani do not have to go to the consulate for a visa any more thanks to US ESTA Visa for Azerbaijan. Let’s keep reading to get helpful information!

Frequently asked questions about US ESTA Visa for Azerbaijan

What is an ESTA?

ESTA is a short word for “Electronic System for Travel Authorization”. This automated system is developed by the government of the USA in order to determine the eligibility of travelers to visit this country under the Visa Waiver Program. 

How many kinds of ESTA applications are there?

There are two types of ESTA applications that you can consider picking:

  • Individual application: this sort is mostly used by those who take a trip to the USA alone. The application takes you only about five minutes to complete. 
  • Group application: if you go on holiday with some other folks, you can choose this one for its fastness and convenience. In detail, you just have to provide some general details about nationality, family names, date of birth, etc.US Transit Visa for Azerbaijan

What do I have to prepare for a US ESTA Visa for Azerbaijan application?

  • A passport from a Visa Waiver Program country: the application will require a passport. Therefore, you should apply for one if you have not got it yet. In case you already hold a passport, make sure that it is still valid.
  • An email address: this is a means for you to keep track of and get your ESTA. Hence, you should provide an accurate one to be kept updated.
  • A means of payment: MasterCard, VISA, American Express or PayPal are all accepted as a means of payment. You can choose any of them to pay for your ESTA except for cash. US Tourist Visa for Azerbaijan

How many steps does an ESTA application include?

Basically, an ESTA application comprises three steps as follows:


  • There is an application form available on our homepage. By accessing the link, you can provide some details about personal information such as name, e-mail address, passport, purposes of the trips and phone number. 
  • Do not forget to have a look back at what you have just typed because it might include mistakes related to numbers and spelling.

Pay and confirm

  •  You can pay for your e-Visa with MasterCard, VISA, American Express or PayPal accounts. Please always remember that cash is not an available option in this case.

Get your ESTA

  • Your ESTA will be sent a few days after the online application. As it will arrive through your email address, you should check it frequently to know every new notification. 
  • Then, you can print it out and bring it with you to the checkpoint for permission. US ESTA Visa for Azerbaijan price

How long does it take to process an ESTA?

There are three options for you to select depending on your situation:

  • Normal processing: 3 business days
  • Emergency processing: 24 hours
  • Rush processing: 12 hours

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How much does an ESTA cost?

The cost of an ESTA comprises two kinds, which are fee for the government and fee for service. There is only one price for the former, but you can make a choice for the latter:

Service fee:

  • Normal processing: $59
  • Emergency processing: $79
  • Rush processing: $89US ESTA Visa for Azerbaijan process

How long does an ESTA allow me to stay in the USA? 

Owning an ESTA, you will have the right to take a 90-day journey to this land. Additionally, you can come more than one time thanks to multiple entries. 

Who should I contact to get more details about US ESTA Visa for Azerbaijan ?

Should you need more details related to ESTA, please contact us on our page and raise all the questions that you are concerned about. We will respond as soon as possible to support you with your difficulties.


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