where in the us you can visit during covid 19

Where in the US can you visit during Covid 19?

America has been known as a nice place for tourism with lots of beautiful landscapes and interesting things for tourists to discover. Nonetheless, due to the Covid 19 outbreak, this government has given new policies on the requirements of entering the country. According to that, there are differences between the states about the conditions that travelers have to meet to get the entering permission. Let’s scroll down the following lines to know where in the US you can visit during Covid 19!

The responses to Covid 19

It has been more than a year since a kind of virus called Corona appeared. With its dangerous effects on people’s health, many nations in the world, including America, have locked down got new regulations on tourism to minimize the spread of Covid 19. Everyone has to strictly follow the rules to protect themselves and the people around them.

Lately, some of those countries have opened the door for visitors to show up for their business trips and vacations. However, in order to get an allowance of entering, you are required to be fully vaccinated against the Coronavirus as well as to take a 14-day quarantine for fear of dead virus potentiality.

In public areas, you are kindly suggested to wear masks, wash your hands frequently, avoid gathering in groups and keep a safe distance from other people.

The differences in entering requirements between states

Some places in the US do not apply restrictions to tourists who stay here no more than 24 hours. Also, people whose jobs like nurses, doctors, militarians are free from the regulations. Nevertheless, it does not mean that they can enter other states without having to follow the rules.

travel to the us during covid 19

Where in the US can you visit during Covid 19?

Here is the list of states that allow people to turn up for tourism purposes. Each one has its own regulations that visitors must follow so as not to be refused:


If you are thinking of a journey to Alaska, you must show a negative molecular-based SARS-CoV-2 test 72 hours ahead of your arrival. In case you cannot get the result within the time regulated, you can take a PCR test at the airport as a second choice. Your result will be posted in the online portal in 72 hours. During that period, you are advised to stay at home and keep a certain distance from the people around you until there is a negative result.

Travelers who have overcome from Covid 19 and got documents for it do not have to take a test before entering this state. However, for safety reasons, they should get tested again 5 days after arrival.

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If you would like to spend your vacation on the nice beaches in Hawaii, you must take a 10-day quarantine on arrival. However, you can skip the quarantine period with a negative Nucleic Acid Amplification result within 72 hours since your last trip. You will have to show that paper as soon as you are on board.

Especially, when you get off the plane, you may get another test called a random test at the airport. The test is carried out by the County of Hawaii with the aim to assure that passengers are negative to Covid 19. You do not need to pay any fees because everything is totally free.

Rhode Island

If you are from another state who choose Rhode Island for your holiday, you will have to submit the negative result which is done within 3 days ahead of your journey. Otherwise, you need to take a quarantine that lasts for 10 days. However, your isolation can stop at the time you get the result which shows that you are negative from Coronavirus.

About visitors coming from other places in the world, they must have a 10-day quarantine. The number of days they need to isolate themselves can be cut down to 7 with a negative result from the test they get at least 5 days after arrival.



If you are from Washington for more than three days and want to enter Columbia, you are required to show the negative result within three days before coming. Moreover, you also need to take another test three to five days after arrival. This regulation is exempt for those who have been fully vaccinated against Covid-19 and recovered from their positivity.


This state applies quarantine to those who are from hot places of Covis 19 such as New York, Connecticut, New Jersey, Delaware, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Rhode Island. Additionally, anyone having been overseas where there is no social distancing also needs to strictly follow the regulations. During the time of quarantine, you can take the PCR test to stop the isolation earlier than regulated. Or else, you can finish it in 10 days as shown in the policy.

Besides the listed states, there are also places that do not apply statewide restrictions, namely Idaho, Indiana, Iowa, Louisiana and so on. However, to protect yourself, your family and the people around you, it is necessary to take all the tests required, be fully vaccinated as well as isolate yourself for 14 days for safety reasons. It is also highly recommended to wash your hands regularly, wear masks, keep a distance from other folks in public areas, avoid gatherings and stay at home to minimize the potentiality of the next wave.

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