US ESTA Visa for Colombia

US ESTA Visa for Colombia

There are numerous things for you to do in America. Among those, you can go to the downtowns also known as the kingdoms of fashion to purchase cool items. Besides, a lot of places for you to have fun such as the Magic Kingdom, Disneyland, the Statue of Liberty also gather here. Recently, visitors from Colombia can easily go on holiday in this country thanks to the introduction of US ESTA Visa for Colombia. If you have no idea about what it is, let’s scroll down for details!

Frequently asked questions about US ESTA Visa for Colombia

What is an ESTA?

ESTA is a short word for “Electronic System for Travel Authorization”. This automated system is developed by the government of the USA in order to determine the eligibility of travelers to visit this country under the Visa Waiver Program. 

How many types of applications are there?

There are two kinds of applications that the US government offers tourists:

  • Individual application: if you are flying to America alone, this will be the best choice for you since you just need to spend a few minutes fulfilling the online form. 
  • Group application: in case you go with some of your friends but do not want to waste time requesting an ESTA for each member, you can pick this option for being fast. There are only some basic questions regarding date of birth, name, nationality that require your response.US Transit Visa for Colombia

What items are necessary for an ESTA request?

To get ready for an ESTA application, make sure you have all of the following things:

  • A passport from a Visa Waiver Program country: passport is a mandatory thing that you must own to apply for a visa. Please make sure that your one is still valid at the time you turn up in the US and during your journey.   
  • An email address: email is also an important item that helps you to get the latest notifications and your ESTA.
  • A means of payment: You can pay for your ESTA with MasterCard, VISA, American Express or PayPal accounts except for cash.US Tourist Visa for Colombia

How many stages does the application include?

You have to follow the process below to apply for an ESTA:


  • You can go to US ESTA Visa for Colombia page and answer all the questions about your personal information and passport. In addition, you have to provide some contact details related to your phone number, address and email address. 

Pay and confirm

  • You will have to pay the fee of your ESTA when the application is done. About the means of payment, you can choose any way among MasterCard, VISA, American Express or PayPal accounts. Please keep in mind that cash is not accepted in this case. 

Get your ESTA

  • Within the time that you choose, your ESTA will arrive in your email. Then, you have to download and print it out to show at the Immigration Checkpoint.US ESTA Visa for Colombia process

How long can I receive my ESTA?

Once your application is done, you will receive your ESTA within the timeframe you select. There are three kinds of processing that you can consider to make it fit your plan:

  • Normal processing: 3 business days
  • Emergency processing: 24 hours
  • Rush processing: 12 hours

How much is an ESTA?

The cost of an ESTA for citizens of Colombia depends on your choice. Basically, you have to pay both government and service fees. The price for each one is as follows:

Government fee: $14

Service fee:

  • Normal processing: $59
  • Emergency processing: $79
  • Rush processing: $89US ESTA Visa for Colombia price

How long can I stay in the US with an ESTA?

An ESTA lets you stay in America for a maximum of 90 days. Moreover, you can enter at any time thanks to multiple entries.

How can I know more about ESTA?

If you are interested in ESTA for citizens of Colombia, you can find out more information on our website. Please leave a message in the box on the right side to let us know what your concerns are. We will be very happy to help you get new experiences in the beautiful USA. 

Besides US ESTA Visa, we also offer services regarding US Tourist Visas and US Transit Visa. Hence, please leave us a message via the chatbox to let us know if you are in need of them.

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