US ESTA Visa for Argentina

US ESTA Visa for Argentina

For a long time, the United States of America has been a hot destination for travelers all over the world thanks to its amazing scenery. In addition, this is also the the home to fashion with numerous shopping malls gathering downtown. Since the introduction of the US ESTA Visa for Argentina, the nationals of this country have got a lot of benefits such as not having to turn up at the embassy and taking an interview. For detailed information, let’s scroll down the following lines to read more!

Frequently asked questions about US ESTA Visa for Argentina

What does ESTA mean?

ESTA is a short word for “Electronic System for Travel Authorization”. This automated system is developed by the government of the USA in order to determine the eligibility of travelers to visit this country under the Visa Waiver Program. 

What are the types of ESTA applications?

The government of the US offers you two ways to apply for an ESTA which are shown as follow: 

  • Individual application: it has been a popular choice for most people who go alone because it is fast and convenient. 
  • Group application: if you go with a group of more than two folks, this type would a better option as you can save lots of time by fulfilling a very short form. US Transit Visa for Argentina

What do I have to prepare for an ESTA application?

The documents for an ESTA request are very simple with three items as follows:

  • A passport from a Visa Waiver Program country: You will have to provide some information about your passports such as expiry date and number. Hence, make sure that you own one before applying for an ESTA.
  • An email address: the online form also asks for your email address to keep you updated with the latest information. Besides, this is the tool for you to get your ESTA when it is done.
  • A means of payment: there are some options for you to pay for ESTA such as MasterCard, VISA, American Express and PayPal accounts.US Tourist Visa for Argentina

How many steps are there for an ESTA application?

There are three steps in total which are very easy for you to follow:


  • There is an online form available on the US ESTA Visa for Argentina page. You can access it and fill in the boxes with your name, contact information, phone number, email address, passport number and other information required.
  • Do not forget to have a check after you finish to make sure that there is no typo mistake made. 

Pay and confirm

If you apply for an ESTA, you are not allowed to pay with cash. Hence, we highly recommend you to make payment with these methods:

  •  MasterCard
  •  VISA
  •  American Express 
  • PayPal accounts.

Get your ESTA

  • Your ESTA will be delivered via email in a period of time after you submit the application. Therefore, remember to check your email frequently to receive it.
  • You have to print your ESTA out and show it at the checkpoint to get permission for your journeys.US ESTA Visa for Argentina price

How long can I get my ESTA?

Depending on the urgency of your trips, you can choose one of the following timeframes to make it convenient for you:

  • Normal processing: 3 business days
  • Emergency processing: 24 hours
  • Rush processing: 12 hours

How much is an ESTA?

To possess an ESTA, you have to make payment for government and service fees. The price for each one is listed as below:

Government fee: $14

Service fee:

  • Normal processing: $59
  • Emergency processing: $79
  • Rush processing: $89US ESTA Visa for Argentina process

How long can I stay in the USA with my ESTA?

An ESTA for citizens of Argentina allows you to have a 90-day vacation in this land. You can come as many times as you want within the valid period thanks to multiple entries.

What should I do to know more about US ESTA Visa for Argentina?

If you are confused about the process of applying for an ESTA, please visit our page and leave a message there. Our experts will reply to you as soon as possible to give you useful advice for a successful request.

Besides US ESTA Visa, we also offer services regarding US Tourist Visas and US Transit Visa. Hence, please leave us a message via the chatbox to let us know if you are in need of them.


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