us esta visa for costa rica

US ESTA Visa for Costa Rica

In the past years, the number of visitors coming to America for their holidays has kept rising at a high rate making this country the top destinations for tourism. That achievement is a good result of many elements combining together. For instance, the beauty of nature coming different when seasons change, famous sites and the world’s heritage are great examples. If you are from Costa Rica, you can easily get an allowance to enter this country with a US ESTA Visa for Costa Rica. Let’s keep reading for details!

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Frequently asked questions about ESTA for citizens of Costa Rica

What is an ESTA?

ESTA is a short word for “Electronic System for Travel Authorization”. This automated system is developed by the government of the USA in order to determine the eligibility of travelers to visit this country under the Visa Waiver Program. 

How many types of applications are there?

There are two kinds of application available for you as below:

  • Individual application: this is the only choice for those who are going to fly to the US alone. There are not many things you have to do because it is just a short form with some questions about personal and passport data.
  • Group application: is a convenient option for travelers going on holiday in groups. Indeed, it does not require detailed information of every member, which helps to save a lot of time. However, they must have the same nationality with no exception. us tourist visa

What is necessary for a US ESTA Visa for Costa Rica request?

There are three main items you must prepare for an ESTA request. They are:

  • A passport from a Visa Waiver Program country: is the top essential thing you must possess for a journey to other nations. Plus, it must be still valid at the point you take the online form.
  • An email address: is a means that lets you know if there is anything wrong with the process of making your ESTA. Hence, remember to check it regularly to keep track of everything.
  • A means of payment: You can pay for your ESTA with MasterCard, VISA, American Express or PayPal accounts except for cash.esta price

How many stages does the application include?

In order to own an ESTA successfully, you have to take the following instruction step by step:


  • You can access our page of US ESTA Visa for the online form and fill in the boxes your name, contact information, phone number, email address, passport number, etc.
  • After fulfilling, remember to have a look at every detail again to prevent troubles caused by mistakes. 

Pay and confirm

  • You will have to pay the fee of your ESTA when the application is done. About the means of payment, you can choose any way among MasterCard, VISA, American Express or PayPal accounts. Please keep in mind that cash is not accepted in this case. 

Get your ESTA

  • After the payment, you have to wait for a period of time to get your ESTA via email. Thus, make sure you do not miss it by checking your email frequently.
  • To get permission for your journey, you have to print your ESTA out and bring it to the checkpoint.esta process

How long can I receive my ESTA?

You can decide the timeframe to process your ESTA. Among these three, you can select the one which fits your schedule the most:

  • Normal processing: 3 business days
  • Emergency processing: 24 hours
  • Rush processing: 12 hours

How much is an ESTA?

An ESTA asks you to pay for government and service fees. In particular, the price for each one is as detailed:

Government fee: $14

Service fee:

  • Normal processing: $59
  • Emergency processing: $79
  • Rush processing: $89How to get a passport and how to renew a passport in the US

How long can I stay in the US with an ESTA?

Holding an ESTA, you are allowed to visit the US for 90 days. Furthermore, with the permission of multiple entries, you can enter as many times as you would like.

How can I know more about ESTA?

Should you need more details about ESTA for citizens of Costa Rica, please leave a message to us on our website. We will be there to support you at any time to help you get out of the problems.

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