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Being famous for impressive landscapes changing constantly from spring, summer, autumn to winter, it is not surprising that there are more and more tourists choosing the United States for their vacations. Besides, on entering this country, you can also know more about its cuisine and culture varying from one place to another. In addition, there are numerous interesting things for you to do here such as going shopping in luxurious malls, having fun in Disneyland or the Magic Kingdom and visiting renowned heritages of the world. Lately, travelers from Kiribati can easily come to the US for a holiday thanks to ESTA. Let’s scroll down for details about this item!

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Frequently asked questions about ESTA for citizens of Kiribati   

What is an ESTA?

ESTA is a short word for “Electronic System for Travel Authorization”. This automated system is developed by the government of the USA in order to determine the eligibility of travelers to visit this country under the Visa Waiver Program. 

How many types of applications are there?

You can request an ESTA in two ways which are shown in the lines below:

  • Individual application: if you are planning for a trip to the US without accompanying anyone else, this one will be the best choice for you. Indeed, you just have to spend some time providing your personal and passport details as well as making payment for your ESTA.
  • Group application: this kind of application is more appropriate for people flying to the US in groups since it helps to save a lot of time. Picking this one, you do not have to request ESTA for every member because the form needs only one person to answer the queries. How to Get a Passport and How to Renew a Passport in the US

What is necessary for an ESTA request?

To apply for an ESTA, make sure you already have the following items:

  • A passport from a Visa Waiver Program country: this is the most important thing that you cannot fail to prepare for an ESTA application. Do not forget to have a check at its expiry date before you fill in the online form.  
  • An email address: is the means which delivers the latest notifications to you. Hence, kindly remember to log in frequently to keep track of the process. 
  • A means of payment: there are different ways for you to pay for your ESTA such as MasterCard, VISA, American Express or PayPal accounts.Renewing a U.S. Passport in Person Is About to Get More Expensive -  Passport Renewal Fee 2018

How many stages does the application include?

It is not so complex for you to request an ESTA since the whole process includes three easy steps as mentioned:


  • You can begin the application by accessing this link for the online form. Then, you are required to give the answers to all the questions whose a red asterisk next to them. Your responses must be true and accurate to avoid troubles later.

Pay and confirm

  • MasterCard, VISA, American Express and PayPal accounts are all accepted as a method of payment. Therefore, you can pick the one you have already to pay for your ESTA.

Get your ESTA

  • Your ESTA will be sent to you as soon as it is done. After that, you should print it out to display at the checkpoint and get your journey started.US Passport Agencies Begin Reopening in Phase One | TravelPulse

How long can I receive my ESTA?

It usually takes a few days to process an ESTA. However, you can select one of the following services in case of urgency:

  • Normal processing: 3 business days
  • Emergency processing: 24 hours
  • Rush processing: 12 hours

How much is an ESTA?

The amount of money you need to pay for an ESTA includes government and service fees which are listed below: 

Government fee: $14

Service fee:

  • Normal processing: $59
  • Emergency processing: $79
  • Rush processing: $89How to Renew Your U.S. Passport

How long can I stay in the US with an ESTA?

90 is the total number of days you are allowed to stay in the US for your holiday. Moreover, you can show up in this nation as many times as you would like thanks to multiple entries. 

How can I know more about ESTA?

Should you need more details about ESTA, please visit us on our website to get assistance from skilled experts. We always welcome and support you with helpful guidance so that you can get one successfully.     

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