United States Health Declaration

United States Health Declaration

Due to the complexity of Covid 19, many countries, including the US, have released new tourism policies to prevent the spreading of this pandemic. According to the regulations, citizens of China, the UK, Iran, Brazil and some nations belonging to Europe are not allowed to enter America. For further details, let’s keep reading to know more about the policies as well as the United States Health Declaration!

Frequently asked questions about United States Health Declaration

Why should I do to enter the US for business purposes?

If you cannot delay your business trip to the US, you are required to meet all the points below for entering permission:

  • You have not been to the nations which are on the list of restrictive countries. 
  • You have successfully applied for a visa. 
  • You have got the United States Health Declaration with all necessary details filled in the blanks. 

How can I get the United States Health Declaration?

There are two ways for you to take this form which are guided in the following lines:

  • You can go to the website of the Center for Disease Control and Prevention to download the document available there. However, there will be many steps included and you have to provide true and accurate answers to avoid troubles.
  • If you are afraid of being confused by those stages, do not hesitate to contact us for help by leaving a message in the box on our US Visa Application page. Our skilled experts will assist you in the shortest time so that you can get this paper successfully.us esta application

Who needs to submit the United States Health Declaration?

Everyone who is planning to visit the US must show their United States Health Declaration in order to get an allowance. Without it, you will not get the right to stay in this country during the Covid 19 time.

What documents do I have to prepare for a United States Health Declaration?

A United States Health Declaration does not ask you to give lots of items. What you need to hold in your hand are:

  • A passport: is an indispensable thing that you are not allowed to miss. Please have a look at your one’s expiration date to make sure that it is valid. Moreover, you should make a scan of it to upload in the form. 
  • An email address: is the means for you to get your Health Declaration when it is done. Hence, please remember to check it frequently to get the latest points.
  • A means of payment: you will need a means of payment to pay for the fee of the form. There are some methods you can pick such as debit cards or PayPal accounts. 

How long can I get my United States Health Declaration?

Your United States Health Declaration will be done in a few days. However, you can choose the best timeframe which fits your plan the most in case of urgency:

  • Normal processing: 24 hours
  • Emergency processing: 8 hours
  • Rush processing: 4 hoursus tourist visa

How much do I have to pay for the form?

The price of the form will change depending on the service that you select. Every level of cost are as listed:

  • Normal processing: $20
  • Emergency processing: $35
  • Rush processing: $60

What are the steps of taking a United States Health Declaration?

The process is quite easy for you with three main stages:


  • First of all, please go back to our US Visa Application and fill in the blanks with your data regarding, passport number, name, date of birth, nationality, etc. 
  • Kindly review all the details before moving on to see if they contain any mistakes.

Pay and confirm

  • The next step is about making payment for the form. You can charge your Health Declaration with debit cards, credit cards or PayPal accounts. 

Get your Health Declaration

  • Within the timeframe you choose, you will get your Health Declaration through email. Then, you just have to show it at the checkpoint for entering permission.

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How can I get more information?

Should you need further details, please do not hesitate to contact us by raising your concerns in the chatbox on our website. We are always willing to support you with useful guidance so that you will get a successful application.


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